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Международный форум некоммерческих организаций «МИР НКО»

Форум «МИР НКО» – это Интернет-ресурс для делового общения представителей некоммерческих организаций из различных стран и отраслей деятельности, их членов и партнеров, а так же для реализации совместных проектов участников Форума.

Презентация Интернет-ресурса для общения представителей НКО


International internships

The association organizes foreign internships of NPO’s representatives in other NPOs, including exchange.


The main goals are establishment and strengthening of international business contacts and identification of areas of possible cooperation.

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Non-profit projects

Association offers the following projects for joint implementation:

1 Periodic Internet-edition in the interests of NPOs
2 Annual international forum of NPOs
3 Organization of international competitions, establishment of international awards
4 Renewal of honorary titles “Counsellor of Manufactory” and “Counsellor of Commerce”
5 Formation of Business Clubs «Women-leaders of NPOs», «Young specialists of NPOs», «Representatives of NPOs’ members and business partners»

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Commercial projects

The association supports implementation of projects proposed by the participants and business partners

  1. Organization of direct informational exchange between participants and business partners through the NPO Forum “WORLD OF NPO”.

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